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Copyright (c) 1994 by NeXT Computer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Inherits From: NSCell : NSObject

Conforms To: NSCoding, NSCopying (NSCell) NSObject (NSObject)

Declared In: AppKit/NSBrowserCell.h

Class Description

NSBrowserCell is the subclass of NSCell used by default to display data in the columns of an NSBrowser. (Each column contains an NSMatrix filled with NSBrowserCells.) Many of NSBrowserCell's methods are designed to interact with NSBrowser and NSBrowser's delegate. The delegate implements methods for loading the NSCells in NSBrowser by setting their values and status. If your code needs access to a specific NSBrowserCell, you can use the NSBrowser method loadedCellAtRow:column:.

You may find it useful to create a subclass of NSBrowserCell to alter its behavior and to enable it to work with and display the type of data you wish to represent. Use NSBrowser's setCellClass: or setCellPrototype: methods to have it use your subclass.

See the NSBrowser class specification for more details. In particular, the class description and the Methods Implemented by the Delegate section describe how the NSBrowser's delegate interacts with both NSBrowser and NSBrowserCells.

Accessing Graphic Attributes

Placing in the Browser Hierarchy

Determining Loaded Status

Setting State