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Inherits From: NSObject

Conforms To: NSCoding NSObject (NSObject)

Declared In: AppKit/NSDataLinkManager.h

Class Description

An NSDataLinkManager object (also known as a data link manager or simply link manager) manages data linked from and into a document through NSDataLink objects. NSDataLink objects (or data links) provide a link between a selection in a source document and a dependent, dynamically updated selection in a destination document. When a user does a Paste and Link command in the destination document, the link manager creates the link in response to a addLink:at: message. When this link is added to the destination document, it makes a connection with the source document's link manager, which creates a source link in the source application.

If an application supports data linking, a link manager should be instantiated for every document the application creates. A link manager must be assigned a delegate that assists it in keeping the document up to date; this delegate must implement some or all of the methods listed in the Methods Implemented by the Delegate section of this class specification. In addition, the delegate must keep the link manager informed of the state of the document, sending it messages whenever the document is edited, saved, or otherwise altered.

Only applications that support continuously updating links need to be aware of when source links are created; these applications can have the delegate of the destination document's link manager return YES in response to a dataLinkManagerTracksLinksIndividually: message, and then respond to dataLinkManager:startTrackingLink: messages to receive notifications that source links are created.

For more information about NSDataLink objects, see the NSDataLink class description. See the NSSelection class description for more information on NSSelection objects.

Initializing and Freeing a Link Manager

Informing the Link Manager of Document Status

Getting and Setting Information about the Link Manager

Getting and Setting Information about the Manager's Links

Methods Implemented by the Delegate