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Inherits From: NSButton : NSControl : NSView : NSResponder : NSObject

Conforms To: NSCoding (NSResponder) NSObject (NSObject)

Declared In: AppKit/NSPopUpButton.h

Class Description

The NSPopUpButton class defines objects that implement the pop-up and pull-down lists of the OpenStep graphical user interface. When configured to display a pop-up list, an NSPopUpButton contains a number of options and displays as its title the option that was last selected. A pop-up list is often used for selecting items from a small- to medium-sized set of options (like the zoom factor for a document window). It's a useful alternative to a matrix of radio buttons or an NSBrowser when screen space is at a premium; a zoom factor pop-up can easily fit next to a scroll bar at the bottom of a window, for example.

When configured to display a pull-down list, an NSPopUpButton is generally used for selecting commands in a very specific context. You can think of a pull-down list as a compact form of menu. A pull-down list's title isn't affected by the user's actions, and a pull-down list always displays a title that identifies the type of commands it contains. When the commands only make sense in the context of a particular display, a pull-down list can be used in that display to keep the related actions nearby, and to keep them out of the way when that display isn't visible.

Initializing an NSPopUpButton

Target and Action

Adding Items

Querying the NSPopUpButton about Its Items

Manipulating the NSPopUpButton

Displaying the NSPopUpButton's Items