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Types and Constants

The Display PostScript Client Library is composed of system-dependent and a system-independent parts. The Display PostScript System, Client Library Reference Manual, by Adobe Systems, Incorporated, provides the specification for the system-independent portion of this library.

The defined types, enumeration constants, and global variables that are part of OpenStep's system-dependent part of the Display PostScript Client Library are listed here.

Defined Types

Number Formats

typedef enum _DPSNumberFormat {

#ifdef __BIG_ENDIAN__


} DPSNumberFormat;

Other permitted values are:

Backing Store Types

typedef enum _NSBackingStoreType {

} NSBackingStoreType;

Compositing Operations

typedef enum _NSCompositingOperation {

} NSCompositingOperation;

Window Ordering

typedef enum _NSWindowOrderingMode {

} NSWindowOrderingMode;

User Path Operators

These constants define the operator numbers used to construct the operator array parameter of DPSDoUserPath.

typedef unsigned char DPSUserPathOp;

enum {


User Path Actions

These constants define the action of a DPSDoUserPath. In addition to the actions defined here, any other system name index may be used. See the PostScript Language Reference Manual, Second Edition, by Adobe Systems Incorporated, for a detailed list of system name indexes.

typedef enum _DPSUserPathAction {

} DPSUserPathAction;


Special Values for Alpha

enum {


User Object Representing the PostScript Null Object

enum {


Symbolic Constants

Error Code Base


Global Variables

Exception Names