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Objective-C Programming Manual

The aim of this document is to provide a GNUstep/Objective-C programming manual (primarily tutorial in style) for the language, the GNUstep Base library, and the GNUstep Make package. While to focus is on Objective-C, the GNUstep libraries can also be used from Java and Guile, and some information on this usage is also included.

The manual does not cover installation instructions as these vary from system to system, and are documented fairly well in the GNUstep HOWTO.

The target audience for this manual is the C, C++, or Java programmer that wishes to learn to use Objective-C effectively. We assume that, while the reader is able to understand English, it is quite possibly not their native language.

For detailed class reference documentation the reader is directed to the GNUstep Base Library documentation, and to the Apple Cocoa Objective-C Foundation documentation (available through

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