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FísicaLab - published: 30 May 2015

An educational application to solve physics problems. - by German A. Arias

FisicaLab (can be pronounced as PhysicsLab) is an educational application to solve physics problems. Its main objective is let the user to focus in physics concepts, leaving aside the mathematical details (FisicaLab take care of them). This allows the user to become familiar with the physical concepts without running the risk of getting lost in mathematical details. And so, when the user gain confidence in applying physical concepts, will be better prepared to solve the problems by hand (with pen and paper). The latest release of FisicaLab have the following modules:

* Kinematics of particles in 2D.

* Circular knematics of particles in 2D.

* Static of particles in 2D.

* Static of rigid bodies in 2D.

* Dynamic of particles in 2D.

* Circular dynamics of particles in 2D.

* Heat, calorimetry, ideal gas and expansion.

The static and dynamic problems are entered constructing the free body diagrams of the objects. Although FísicaLab is easy and intuitive, we recommend you read the help files first before set any problem. You can access these files in the option menu Info -> Help (or FisicaLab -> Info -> Help).

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Released17 Mar 2009
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