Getting Help

Like many free software projects, the mailing lists are the main means of getting support from the rest of the community. Details of the main project lists are below. If unsure, send it to discuss-gnustep and include an invitation to direct you to a more appropriate list. Please notice that some lists are at and some are at else you may get an error back.

Email lists about using GNUstep

Bug Reports

Please, report any bugs that you find. Read more about how to report bugs and then get started.

User testing is vital for improving GNUstep. Thanks!

Email lists for developing GNUstep

About List Access

Most people will simply email the list address shown, after subscribing as explained below.

The "Newsgroup" links will work if you have a working newsreader configured and the group is available on your newsserver. If not, please ask your sysadmin or newsadmin or Internet Service Provider. We cannot support other people's newsservers, generally.

The "Archive" links are the primary archives for the lists. These are hosted on the same set of servers as the list.

An alternative archive for many of these lists are at GMANE but the names are not exact matches. You can also interact with the lists as newsgroups by using GMANE's servers, or read them as RSS feeds, or search them, or... see the GMANE home page for instructions.

Subscribing to lists

To (un)subscribe from/to one of these lists, send a message to the address with -request added before the @. For example, would be one. Put either subscribe or unsubscribe in the subject line. You can also subscribe using the web interface links above. To change your subscription options, go to the options page for the list you are interested in. For example, discuss-gnustep is at: